lesss.co is software as a service. A service to set you up with a website that behaves like the body of your business and brand.

Our bodies always behave in the best of our interests.
It takes weeks not months to set you up. And before you know it, your business is up and running. Building a customer base even before you feel your decision making is conclusive.
The process is iterative and restrictive.

The structure brings more attention to less (things). Your business stands a better chance to break through ignorance.

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Haindling1 marks the beginning of a Bavarian music movement

With Jürgen Buchner’s first long play record, the Bavarica movement came rolling in. And contributed to today’s dominance of country-inspired fashion at the October Fest. A rare economic success in the industry supported indie music. It provided the band members with a life-long stable income. The folksiness of his themes masks his biting criticism of the inherent Bavarian “Mia san mia” (We are who we are). I didn’t get slapped in the face for featuring an old Greek couple on the cover.


8 principles we want to work to