lesss.co is software as a service. A service to set you up with a website that behaves like the body of your business and brand.

Our bodies always behave in the best of our interests.
It takes weeks not months to set you up. And before you know it, your business is up and running. Building a customer base even before you feel your decision making is conclusive.
The process is iterative and restrictive.

The structure brings more attention to less (things). Your business stands a better chance to break through ignorance.

Agency stop prior to lesss.co


A database for a second-hand bookseller

There is no business case for a website. Not for Petra Hammerstein’s bread & butter business located at Munich’s Tuerkenstrasse 37.

More than a decade ago, Miss Hammerstein laid her bets on digital. The 30-year-old family business is doing well on the shoulders of online sales. Why build a website?
Known as blogging software, WordPress CMS uses a standard SQL database at no extra costs. The efficiency of handling the inventory can be much improved. Flexible device independent input of new entries will do that for you. It gets done from any location with the aid of any handheld or desktop device. Google forms offer an alternative option.
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