lesss.co is software as a service. A service to set you up with a website that behaves like the body of your business and brand.

Our bodies always behave in the best of our interests.
It takes weeks not months to set you up. And before you know it, your business is up and running. Building a customer base even before you feel your decision making is conclusive.
The process is iterative and restrictive.

The structure brings more attention to less (things). Your business stands a better chance to break through ignorance.

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Your customers have gotten really good at diminishing attention span

Why then did a 66 percent increase in distractibility not get in the way of building some of the biggest brand names we know today? What they have in common was disruption. No good for my friends and clients though. They wish for less disturbing universal magic. If only it works for their individual business idea or personal brand. It took me a while to discern it. Bring more attention to less (things).


8 principles we want to work to

A database for a second-hand bookseller

There is no business case for a website. Not for Petra Hammerstein’s bread & butter business located at Munich’s Tuerkenstrasse 37.

More than a decade ago, Miss Hammerstein laid her bets on digital. The 30-year-old family business is doing well on the shoulders of online sales. Why build a website?
Known as blogging software, WordPress CMS uses a standard SQL database at no extra costs. The efficiency of handling the inventory can be much improved. Flexible device independent input of new entries will do that for you. It gets done from any location with the aid of any handheld or desktop device. Google forms offer an alternative option.
8 principles we want to work to

Help with the design of Munich's whee coffee shop

HaMa is Munich’s tiniest coffee shop. Find it at Augusten Street 101. Right from the very beginning revenue covered expenditures. We set up a tumblr to display the day’s menu including a subscription form. Every morning surrounding businesses and households got the menu in their inbox. Some soon spend lunch money with us. Photo: ©Gogo Eisert.


8 principles we want to work to

The appearance of the Egger taverns in a brewery dominated town

Back in the Eighties, I proposed a corporate design to young  entrepreneur Bernd. Bernd soon grew his restaurants business into many inns. One for each part of town. The double-G in “Scheidegger” a misspelling by you know who. Bernd adapted it for each following restaurant opening. Soon enough Egger Taverns meant serious competition for Munich’s brewery owned heavy weights.


8 principles we want to work to

Haindling1 marks the beginning of a Bavarian music movement

With Jürgen Buchner’s first long play album, the Bavarica movement came rolling in. And contributed to today’s dominance of country-inspired fashion at the October Fest. A rare economic success in industry supported indie music. It provided the band members with a life-long stable income. The folksiness of his themes masks his biting criticism of the Bavarian “Mia san mia” (We are who we are) inherence. I wasn’t slapped in the face for putting an old Greek couple on the cover.


8 principles we want to work to

Launch culture for actress Christine Kaufmann's adorable neck support

Hollywood actress and book author Christine Kaufmann† was also a business women and inventor of gadgets. She invited me to a presentation of her adorable neck support. An incredibly charming journey led us through three rooms and a plentitude of insights. I was thrilled. I got the job to help with the design of her business idea.

Christine has already spent months with research and development of her pillow idea. With the aid of illustrator Claus Zey and Capetown developer Rob Hope her idea was quickly made accessible and to some degree feasible.


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Regine.online is the web address of the new business manager Regine Guckelsberger. She works for the local tv channel, Munich tv. Regine is an inquisitive social animal. She is an expert in all things mainstream. Her blog caters to the  taste and sensibilities of the centre of society.


8 principles we want to work to

Business card for book author

For a book launch scheduled in 2 weeks, author Julia Benkert wished for a business card. Her briefing was crisp so I followed it close. Her card must reflect both, the books character and that of her website.

With her graceful presentation Julia achieves a lasting, majestic first impression. A haptic event on behalf of the card’s recipient. Julia’s card uses quadplex technology, which compresses four layers of Mohawk superfine paper.


8 principles we want to work to